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Website capture of Oklahoma State Department of Health Website - 6 April 2020 -

Note to James R. Jones concerning a call from a constituent to support H.R. 15 and response from james R. Jones.

Telegram from Paula Williams, Lawton PTA Council, to James R. Jones concerning H.R. 15 monitoring requested.

Letter from Norman E. D'Amours to Congress concerning H.R. 15 and funding. This memo specifically states that the CRS estimates that Oklahoma would lose payment for 54.9% of its Impact Aid eligible children, and would lose $6,179,664.99 in federal…

Memo to Chief State School Officers from Thomas K. Minter, Deputy Commissioner for Elementary and Secondary Education. This memo explains funding and how funds can be used, comprehensively.

Letter from Jack Strahorn, Assistant Superintendent, to James R. Jones concerning the Elementary and Secondary Education Act including funding requirements, proposals, and summaries.

Full testimony of Secretary Joseph A. Califano Jr. of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare before the Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education of the House Education and Labor Committee.

Memo to Congress from Dick Warden, Assistant Secretary for Legislation concerning the President's proposals for extending H.R. 15 programs.

Whip Advisory from John Brademas, Majority Whip to the House of Representatives concerning H.R. 15. The memo includes a summary of the Bill (Title I-Title XI, costs, and views of other members.

Mailgram from James W. Green, Assistant Director for Legislation, National Education Association to James R. Jones concerning H.R. 15. James R. Jones replies that the amendments to H.R. 15 "does not represent any loss in Oklahoma's current funding…
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