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City of Norman COVID-19_202046.pdf
City of Norman COVID-19 Updates - Captured April 6, 2020

Letter from Concerned Black Parents to Classen Admin 1971.pdf
Letter from the Concerned Black Parents and Patrons to the Administration of Classen high School and the Oklahoma City Board of Education concerning a list of complaints.

Mass Meeting Concerned Black Parents 1971.pdf
Handout from Concerned Black Parents and Students Group in Oklahoma City and Tulsa with listing of Oklahoma State Segregation Laws, explained.

Amendment to the H.R. Violent Crime Prevention Act to include amendments to page 16, lines 5-10 and on page 34 to delete lines 25-35.

Typewritten letter from Constituent to Senator Mike Monroney in opposition to HR 13079 or forced busing. Constituent states that subtle desegregation is needed instead of "instant" desegregation.
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