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Salary Scale of Negro Colleges 1971.pdf
Salary Scale of Six Negro Colleges

OKC TImes 1971.pdf
Oklahoma City Times Newspaper clipping indicating the scale of the protest at the state capitol to protest administrative policies at Classen School and Crooked Oak High School in Oklahoma City.

Tulsa Desegregation Board of Ed 1971.pdf
Letter from the Oklahoma Board of Education citing dates of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, desegregation milestones, faculty integration and desegregation plan, transfer policies in Tulsa, Oklahoma and implementation of plans to adjust to integration…

Tulsa Desegregation Plans 1971.pdf
As a result of the success in enrollment of Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher and George McLaurin and other civil rights activists, the United States was propelled into an era of desegregation, where once isolated communities containing people of the same race…

Statement from Franklin about Negroes in Classroom 1.pdf
Letter from the Office of the President of the University of Oklahoma Acting President Carl Mason Franklin with instructions to the faculty and students on classrooms for colored students

Franklin to Fellows 1949 Fisher Admit.pdf
Letter from Carl Mason Franklin, Acting President of the University of Oklahoma to Dr. J.E. Fellows, Dean of Admissions and Registrar Faculty Exchange, regarding the admission of Mrs. Fisher to the University of Oklahoma Law School, 1949

Statement from Franklin about Discont. Langston Law 1949.pdf
Office Memorandum from Oklahoma University Representative Carl Mason Franklin, proposing a resolution that would account for the closing of Langston University’s School of Law.

Syllabus Sipuel v Board of Regents.pdf
Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma Case Number 32, 756 - Ada Lois Sipuel vs Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma, George L. Cross, Maurice H. Merrill, George Wadsack and Roy Gittinger - Full Syllabus

Mass Meeting Concerned Black Parents 1971.pdf
Handout from Concerned Black Parents and Students Group in Oklahoma City and Tulsa with listing of Oklahoma State Segregation Laws, explained.

June 18_1948_OUDAILY.pdf
Newspaper article "Negroes Take New Action - Group Seeks Entry to Graduate College", from the Oklahoma Daily (now OU Daily) article concerning Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher Supreme Court Case - Sipuel v. Board of Regents of University of Oklahoma, 1948
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