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Memo to Congress from Dale E. Kildee (MIchigan) concerning H.R. 15 and his proposed amendment to the "Community Schools and Comprehensive Education Act" to include:
No grant may be made to a local education agency to plan,
direct, or operate any…

Memo from Shirley Chisholm (New York) to Congress concerning H.R. 15 and Congressman Biaggi, proposed amendment to authorize $15 million for school violent and vandalism programs. The amendment would require the Commissioner of Education to identify…

Mailgram from the Southern Growth Policies Board in North Carolina to James R. Jones concerning Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education funding.

Memo to James R. Jones from "Annette" about Governor David L. Boren's statement on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Also included are summaries of statements by Oral Roberts . The memo included Boren's proposed amendments to Title I and…

Memo to Congressional representatives from Silvio O. Conte (Massachusetts) concerning Comprehensive School Health Education Amendments to H.R. 15 "The Elementary and Secondary School Act".

Whip Advisory from John Brademas, Majority Whip concerning education amendments of 1978 H.R. 15, also included is the actions by the 95th Congress, Conference report summary concerning Title I and Title X aid programs.

A Report from the Council for American Private Education, from the "Outlook" Newsletter, Volume 45, November 1978. This issue focuses on education amendments for private school students.

Letter from "Annette" to James R. Jones concerning Title I compensatory education funds, referenced from the original letter from Mickey Edwards, which proposes to increase funding for education.

Correspondence between James R. Jones and Herbert E. Harris II (Virginia) concerning the Impact Aid Extension Bill which focuses on financial aid for elementary and secondary education programs.

Senate memo from John V. Tunney concerning upcoming Senate Bills that will effect: National Security, Freedom of Speech, wiretapping, insanity defenses, death penalty cases, the Miranda warning requirement, and sabotage.
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