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Call to Action COVID 19.mp4
Youtube Video released by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Gary Cox, Commissioner, 4 April 2020

COVID-19 _ Oklahoma State Department of Health _202046.pdf
Website capture of Oklahoma State Department of Health Website - 6 April 2020 -

BC Franklin to Kerr 1943.pdf
Typewritten letter from Attorney BC Franklin to Governor Robert S. Kerr indicating interest in becoming the chairman of the Negro Board of Regents.

Black Students and Parents to Board of Ed 1971.pdf
Letter from Black Students and Parents to the Oklahoma City Public School Superintendent in regards to desegregation issues in Oklahoma City

OU Libraries - ASF Acrylic 2.pdf
"It was wrong" was Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher's explanation for choosing to challenge racial discrimination in higher education. Tn 1946, she applied to the University of Oklahoma School of Law and was denied admission on racial grounds. She challenged…

Franklin to Fellows 1949 Fisher Admit.pdf
Letter from Carl Mason Franklin, Acting President of the University of Oklahoma to Dr. J.E. Fellows, Dean of Admissions and Registrar Faculty Exchange, regarding the admission of Mrs. Fisher to the University of Oklahoma Law School, 1949

Statement from Franklin about Negroes in Classroom 1.pdf
Letter from the Office of the President of the University of Oklahoma Acting President Carl Mason Franklin with instructions to the faculty and students on classrooms for colored students

Statement to Students 1949_001.jpg
Pamphlet of a Mass Meeting Equal Education and The Law located in the Bus. Ad. Bldg. on Tuesday 10 December 8 O'clock to discuss the existing Oklahoma State Statutes concerning Segregation Title 70, Sections 451-464

Statement from Franklin about Discont. Langston Law 1949.pdf
Office Memorandum from Oklahoma University Representative Carl Mason Franklin, proposing a resolution that would account for the closing of Langston University’s School of Law.

UPDATE - Mayor's COVID-19 Response Proclamation_2020March14.mp4
Mayor Breea Clark took the next step in the City’s COVID-19 (coronavirus) preparedness planning today and signed a Proclamation of Local Emergency. The declaration allows the City to access emergency funds from the state and federal government when…
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